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What Is Truth, Knowledge, and How Do We Know Anything Really?

What is Truth?
What is Knowledge?
How Can Any of Us Really Know Anything?

Okay so, I hate to shake your world so abruptly, but I think it’s time we had a talk about the so-called truth, what truth is, and the reality of knowing and knowledge.

Now then, Author Mark Zegarelli talks about building logic trees in his book; “Building Logical Arguments,” and he states; “When people say “Let’s be logical” about a given situation or problem, they usually mean “Let’s follow these steps:

1. Figure out what we know to be true;
2. Spend some time thinking about it, and;
3. Determine the best course of action.

Great advice indeed on building foundational logic, however – don’t you hate it when someone makes a statement and then write: but, or however right afterwards, as it kind of negates the whole argument before you start right; yes, and that’s going to be my main point here I suppose – how can we ever really get past item number 1 above? We really can’t you see, let’s read that again; 1. Figure out what we know to be true.

How can we truly know anything is true at all?

Well, not long ago John Altmann, a great future philosopher and I were having this conversation and he wrote; “Descartes he famously said “I think therefore I am!” If this quote is making the steep assumption that because we have the ability to reason we exist this hypothesis has major leaks. It all comes back to your question of what is knowledge as well as the sheer broadness of reason.”

Later, after his brief but enlightening monologue, the question was asked; how can we know truth, how can we have knowledge, real knowledge, and he asked me what I thought about that.

Well indeed, I have a ton of thoughts on his questions, you see, from my view; logic is a false method of reasoning because the assumptions or axoms cannot be properly foundationed in truth, therefore, in the end the resultant of all the reasoning and logical thinking in the case of logical reasoning which is said to be the “scientific method” is still as he noted not guaranteed the best possible answer to a given question, and then there is the issue of human sensory input which has a lot to be desired, thus, we develop tools, instruments, etc. – and measure what we cannot readily know, and then we claim to know what the sensors see, but how would we know what we should really be looking for, a good for instance could be “life” on another planet, moon, or space itself, how about the Sun? It’s possible.

We don’t know, so we must reason, why? Exactly – we reason to ask the next question – because the next best thing to “knowing” is asking, and to knowledge = inquiry. See that point? Seeking knowledge is a process, but having knowledge not a destination, merely a step, albeit often a false step – be careful, try to use the handrail if you are sure it actually exists that is! Be well, fellow philosophers, enjoy the walk through reason and thank you for allowing me to shed some light on this.

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One thought on “What Is Truth, Knowledge, and How Do We Know Anything Really?

  1. With all the total issue that are building in the course of this specific intended theme, the views are actually fresh new. Nonetheless, I am sorry, but I are unable to give credence in your complete strategy, be this electrifying it’s unlikely that any the particular much less. You would have it for you to everyone that the surveys are not really entirely justified plus truth you might be generally your self not even completely confident of the position. In any case I did so get pleasure from looking at the idea.

    Posted by Kori Heral | February 26, 2012, 1:15 pm

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